Early Intervention Programs for the Workplace


Early Intervention Programs are based on OSHA recommendations in numerous ergonomics guidelines. The early identification of discomfort in the musculoskeletal system can prevent minor aches and pains from turning into major, disabling injuries. Broadway Ergonomics has one of the longest track records in the industry producing dramatic cost savings for employers and happier workers as well. We will visit your workers right were they do their jobs on any shift offering advice on body mechanics, ergonomic work techniques, exercise and wellness. The typical process consists of:

  • BroadwayErgo is contacted by employee, supervisor or safety manager
  • BroadwayErgo consults with employee within 24 hours
  • Screening and assessment is performed only by doctors of physical therapy for red flag medical issues that require immediate referral to a physician
  • A physical therapy diagnosis is made and the employee receives extensive education to calm fears and provide realistic expectations regarding recovery
  • Gentle, first aid level advice is given and the employee is set-up on a non-recordable intervention program involving activity modification, first aid measures (ice, heat, support), stretching/exercise, and body mechanics training
  • Company representatives are consulted to provide support for work modifications, job rotation opportunities and potential ergonomic fixes
  • Employee is followed several times per week until resolution of problem
  • Early Intervention data is tracked in a comprehensive database and outcome information is shared with employer monthly, annually or as requested

 We have some of the best outcomes data in the industry.  Our results speak for themselves. 

If you are experiencing high workers compensation losses due to injuries, worker absence and worker presenteeism - please contact us and we can provide a proposal for services customized to your work setting and employees.


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