Ergonomics Consulting


One of Broadway Ergonomics core services is Ergonomics Consulting.  This is where we examine and analyze a job and worker to determine if ergonomic risk factors may play a role in either current or future injury. We use cutting edge ergonomics tools to assess the job and answer the question:  "Will this job cause an injury or not?" This can be especially helpful in understanding whether it is the job or the employee's vulnerability that is the issue.  We use evidence based/standardized assessment tools that go beyond just telling someone to "improve their body mechanics".  These include:


  • The NIOSH Lifting Formula
  • BakPak Software
  • Ergoweb Jet Software
  • HandPak Software
  • Force guage analysis
  • Video Analysis
  • Kodak Muscle Fatigue Analysis
  • Anthropometric Design Specifications
  • Hand Activity Level Assessment
  • Rapid Upper Limb Assessment
  • Snook Lift/Lower/Push/Pull Assessment
  • Rapid Upper Body Assessment
  • Quick Exposure Checklist
  • Broadway Ergo Custom Ergonomic Screening Tool
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